10th January 2012

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Hood Love

Living in San Diego its easy to over look our service men and women. We are so surrounded with a Naval and Marine Corps presence that it is easy to see men and women in uniform as part of the crowd. We at Montesquieu feel that it is deeply important to thank our service men and women at any opportunity and  last night that is just what we did.

When we were invited by CVI Holly Brumage to participate in a wine and beer tasting for the men of Osprey squadron Seaelk we jumped at the opportunity.  What we did not expect was to be able to say thank you to these service men in one of their hangers. The evening got going with blues and rock provided by a live band. Britney and Skyler poured and educated the men about our wines with a back drop of in use ospreys. They seemed to gravitate towards the Rosso di Montalicino.

After a short but intense speech by the Commanding Officer the girls received a first class tour of some of the planes and the equipment used to service them. The night was caped off by awarding a few outstanding members of Seaelk with bottles of our Barone Ciani Basselli Preseco. 

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